One More Thing: The Nicolas Cage Edition

One More Thing: The Nicolas Cage Edition
Needs more Cage

Have we got a corker of a One More Thing for you today, dear reader. Oh yes, it's a good 'un – it's got fish! Dinosaurs! The US Army! Porn! Cereal! A giant rocking horse! And NICOLAS freakin' CAGE.

What are you waiting for? Get it down you:

The future of cinema – If anyone knows what the future of cinema will be, it's Nic Cage: "I forsee a version of cinema very soon where people will be inside a circular theatre and having the movie circling around them and also circling with it so they're going through it like a road trip. That's my vision right now." Yeah, that sounds like it would work. Sign us up. [ONM via Total Film]

Fisheye Not content with mapping the streets for us landlubbers, Google is creating Streetview for fish by mapping the Great Barrier Reef in all its 360-degree panoramic glory. Of course, the fish won't actually be able to use it. They can't use smartphones or computers without help. []

Hooah! The US Army has signed up to Pinterest. Obviously got the memo about how you're no one if you're not pinning these days. [The Atlantic Wire]

Balancing the books Amazon has lost 5,000 ebooks from its Kindle library after it tried to up its slice of IPG's ebook income pie. Ebook pricing has long been a bone of contention in the industry, with many feeling that store-owners like Apple and Amazon hold too many of the cards. The publishing group told its members, "If we don't hold firm on your behalf, your margins will continue to erode." [Paid Content]

At last! A viable use for 3D printers If TechRadar had a 3D printer we'd totally be printing out life-size dinosaur robots like Drexel University is! Wait, whaddya mean they're only creating 3D scans of fossils to better study the motion of giant dinosaurs through small-scale robotic models? What a missed opportunity. [CNET]

Sex hack YouPorn which is, in case you aren't a member and couldn't guess, YouTube for Porn has been hacked. A list of its users emails, passwords and dates of birth were apparently left exposed and swiftly rifled through by hackers so if you are a member: unlucky. Better change your password and shut down that email - the date of birth you may be stuck with. [Sophos]

Totes a sign of the impending apocalypse – A joke that wasn't funny tweeted by a man that is a bit famous has resulted in a new cereal. A certain cereal brand, let's call it Rellogg's, picked up on the suggestion tweeted by Tim Burgess (that's the singer from The Charlatans in case you didn't know (that's a British band from the '90s in case you didn't know) and actually went ahead and made it. The name might be apt, if they took out the Amaze part. [Guardian]


Synth plinth – AR company Aurasma (not to be confused with dodgy goth pop outfit The Rasmus) have worked with the artists behind the new Fourth Plinth sculpture in Trafalgar Square to give 5,000 tourists the chance to own a digital version of the giant-child-on-rocking-horse statue that they can whip out AR-style wherever they fancy. Great. [PR]

Fighting talk - Obviously mindful that the PS Vita is launching this week, Nintendo has pulled out all the stops and announced some new games that are going to Blow. Your. Minds. Mario Tennis, Brain Training, Pokemon – oh. Wait, hang on. There's also Fire Emblem Awakening and a remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly for Wii. [Gamasutra]

Schadenfreude – Ticketmaster's customer email database has been hacked. Maybe that'll make it think twice before charging us a quid to print off our own tickets next time. Nah, you're right, probably not. [The Drum]

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