One More Thing: Space elevator set for lift-off

One more thing: Japanese space elevator set for lift-off
Space oddity

It may only be Wednesday but do not fear as we at TechRadar have poured today's daily dose of technology articles we found a little bit interesting into 10 shot glasses (news stories) and lined them up on the bar (internet) for you swallow (read) and forget all about your life (your life).

We just hope you can get to the end without being a little bit sick…

Next floor, space – You have got to love Japan; the country which has brought us electronic toilets, karaoke bars and the bullet train will soon be offering lifts into space… in an elevator. By 2050, Obayashi Corp is hoping to create a space lift, which involves a massive cable and something called nanotubes. The company doesn't know how much it will cost but promise it won't "simply be a dream". Sounds like someone has being reading too many Roald Dahl stories. [Gizmodo UK]

DotCom bailout – King of Megaupload Kim DotCom has finally been granted bail, which means that he is effectively under house arrest. Now, for most people this would be a bit rubbish, but given that DotCom owns the MOST EXPENSIVE house in New Zealand we expect he won't be too upset. He's not allowed to use the internet, either – bet he's regretting surname change now. [Reuters]

Short circuit – A laptop user in China has been arrested for using a plug socket in a train station in Taipei. Taiwanese authorities have said that the electric thief may get up to five years in jail if found guilty – which is a hefty charge for someone who just wanted to recharge. [Register]

asda webcam

Wall*E mounted camera – A new Asda webcam is being touted as the cheapest around, it costs just £2.93 and looks a little bit like Wall*E. Don't go expecting much on the quality stakes, this baby has a sensor which is a miniscule 0.3MP. But if you don't mind looking a bit like a block of Lego, snap it up now [Asda]

Mind your language – Microsoft is adding a UK version of English to the display language of Windows 8 which is enough to get any Brit a little bit jingoistic. We're not sure how a true a reflection of UK English it will be, though, as we don't think you'll be seeing 'Are You Sure You Want To Continue?' replaced with 'You get me, blud?' anytime soon. [PC Advisor]

Porn identity – Over a quarter of the UK has admitted to taking naughty pictures and making dirty movies on their smartphones. This is according to research by, which sounds great if you are one of those life-loving liberals who don't care what people get up to in their spare time. But we have to remind you that a quarter of the population may well contain your sister, your mother, your dad, your granddad… Mary in accounts. Shudder. [Pocket-Lint]

Digital dollars – Digital versions of PS Vita games are 17 per cent more expensive than their boxed brethren. At first this sounded idiotic, but then we would much rather spend 17 per cent extra and be in our bedrooms than go to a shop and have to speak to real people. [MCVUK]

PS vita

Story time – Social media story creator Storify has finally landed on iPad, meaning that you can now "mix media from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube" to tell your stories. Given that Storify was voted as one of the best websites of 2011, the service is much better than that horrific quote suggests. Honest. [TheNextWeb]

Filing for arrest – Yet another file-sharing site owner has been arrested. This time it is the operator of Skyload, one Maik P. Given that many file-sharing sites are shutting up shop before the coppers come a-knocking, expect more to close after the revelation that Mr P could face a number of years in prison. And also expect many P2Prison headlines if this does happen. [SlashGear]

Future focus – Channel 4's Home Of The Future series is set to show the world how technology will fill our spare time in the future. It includes an interesting bit on how our own minds will alter the endings to movies we watch. We've been trying to do this with the Phantom Menace for years but it still ends the same way it begins: badly. [Channel 4]

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