One More Thing: Simon Cowell searches for the tech-s factor

One More Thing: Simon Cowell searches for the tech-s factor
Could THIS be the next Bill Gates?

Tech-s Factor - and the equally-qualified-for-the-task Simon Cowell are on the hunt for the next Bill Gates in an X-Factor-style techtrepreneur talent show that will be, in's words, "out of this world". Yes, out of this world and into a much worse world, we expect. [The Sun]

Carboot - Google's clearing out yet more product-based clutter. It's not as exciting as shuttering Google+ though; only AdSense for Feeds, Classic Plus, Spreadsheet Gadgets, Places for Android and Picasa is merging into Google Drive. [Google]

Paranoid android – If you're worried about web security, the US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says you can stay safe by not using email. And if you're worried about getting hit by a bus, just don't go outside. And if you're worried about food poisoning, just don't eat food. [Gizmodo UK]

Ghost in the machines - This (below) is just the kind of fun you can't have with wireless controllers. [IRI5]


Why don't you go outside and etc - FIFA 13 has sold 1 million copies in the UK in under a week, the first game to do so that isn't a Call of Duty franchisee. People do love football. [Eurogamer]

Geordie, sure - Google has added high resolution 45-degree images to its maps of 51 more cities around the world, including Pisa, Winnipeg and in the UK, for some reason, Newcastle. [Google]

Hipsquare - Urban Outfitters must have been really torn between the vintage-value of an antique cash register and the coolness of iPads. Looks like the latter won out though, as the company is ditching tills in favour of Apple slates in all its stores. But where will they put the money? [Business Insider]

Mapplication - You want to get the old Google Maps back on your phone but you don't want to hang about until Google gets round to releasing an app? Take yourself on over to Ben Guild's website then; he's sorted you out with some installable web profiles that use the original Maps icon as well as allowing the web app to run full-screen. Praise be. [Ben Guild]

Age is just a number - The CD has just turned 30, making it the same age as the smiley – well, actually, slightly younger since the emoticon hit the big three-oh last month. But still quite a lot more obsolete. [Engadget]

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