One More Thing: OMG you guys, iPhone 5 SIM tray!

One More Thing: OMG you guys, iPhone 5 SIM tray!
Yeah, so I really just think about who I want to call and it does it. It's no biggie.

Investigative journalism alert - We heard that Apple is making another iPhone – we know, right? Total surprise. Can't think why they would. Anyway apparently – get this – someone's got hold of its SIM card tray. Let's all pore over this for a few hours, see what it can tell us. [Hours pass.] The iPhone 5 is going to need a SIM card. [Slashgear]

iPhone 5 SIM

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IPOke - Facebook's IPO has been set for May 18, when its shares will float on the US stock market for the first time. Queues are already forming at stock markets around the world. Green visors and small slips of paper at the ready. [Guardian]

Man sues Apple – Here's a riddle for you: how do you turn $1.29 into $5 million? Grit, creativity and hard work? Nope, just sue Apple for double-charging you for an Adam Lambert song. Even if Robert Herskowitz's class action is successful, he'll never be able to buy the ability to turn back time to when nobody knew he bought Whataya Want From Me. Twice. [TNW]

Let sleeping Mountain Lions lie – Apple has added a 'do not disturb' feature to the notification centre in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. And that's really all there is to say about that. [SlashGear]

FREE TVClick here. [Panasonic]

We7 bought a zoo – iOS-based music fans, we really are spoiling you. Not only have we brought you news of Spotify's new iPad app today, but there's also a new We7 radio app to add to your iPhone homescreen. It offers personalised radio stations that learns from stuff you like and loathe to better serve you, like a musical slave. And it's free. Score. [We7]

We7 app

Dire. Wolf – There was some controversy in the comments section of this ridiculously faithful Lego recreation of the Game of Thrones opening sequence when Ablubluh politely pointed out that the opening is "f@!*ing Knex". "NO BOOBIES," added Fluffytashi. There's no pleasing some people. [Gizmodo UK]

Gomorrah – You're three times more likely to catch some kind of virus from a visit to a religious website than some of the web's more questionable, shall we say red-lit, establishments, according to a new study from Symantec. Computer viruses, we mean. Obviously. [Phys Org]

No shame - You literally are the controller with Microsoft's latest patent for the catchily-named wearable electromyography-based controller. With sensor notes on your head, arm, chest or leg or a wearable transmitter like an armband or glasses, you're going to look even more ridiculous playing video games and controlling your gadgets than you do now. Can't wait. [Engadget]

Microsoft patent

Ahh, now we get it.

Bustin' makes him feel goodPaul Harborne is a man from Leicester who has made an exact replica of the Ghostbusters' ECTO-1 bustin'-mobile. He's even going to let you rent it out. What an absolute hero (in progress below, hit the source link for some photos of the final masterpiece). [Metro]

Ghostbusters car

Bonus tech video of the daySpotify for iPad is here and it's quite lovely. Check it out in action:

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