One More Thing: Nokia Lumia 900 is the best phone in the world

One More Thing: Nokia Lumia 900 is the best phone in the world
Look ma, no hands

Hey Siri, is that rain I hear? - Or is it a stampede of easily-led phone buyers off to trade you in for a Nokia Lumia 900? Well if you will tell them that's the best cell phone ever, Siri… [WMPowerUser]

Silly Siri

Nanonsense - A man has implanted some magnets into his own arm so he can attach his iPod nano to it. He knows you can just clip it to your collar, right? Anyway, kudos on the piranha plant tattoo. (Video NSF eyes – blood, guts, magnets) [FYeah Tattoos]

To infinity and beyond - Tweets in Space is an 'art' project that wants to beam your inane 140-character musing to some poor exoplanet 22 lightyears away. Hashtag your important intergalactic thoughts #tweetsinspace and you too can troll a planet that may or may not support earth-like biological life once the project hits its funding target. [Stuff]

Our prime minister, ladies and gentlemen - David Cameron's texts to Rebecca Brooks reveal that the UK's premier politician thought that by signing off 'LOL' he was sending 'lots of love' rather than laughing uproariously at inappropriate moments. Other internet things he may not yet be aware of: Lolcats. Rickrolling. Broadband. [Guardian]

[Comedy aside, let's not forget that our prime minister was sending lots of love in the direction of the editor of a powerful tabloid newspaper who lost her job and faces prosecution because members of her staff were obtaining stories through illegal means, yeah? LOL.]

Too many friends - Facebook's IPO is already over subscribed, according to Reuters. Darn it! We'd just had a whip round and raised enough cash to buy a share (around $35; £21). [Reuters]

Bustin' makes me feel good - Remember when Steve Jobs went off to India and smoked some drugs? No, we don't either but we heard about it. Probably that's where he came up with the idea for this frankly mental Ghostbusters spoof in which Apple disses IBM for being, like, not Apple. [MacRumors]

Drugs or it didn't happen – Some users of Japan's biggest gaming forum 2ch have been using code to buy and sell drugs online. A crack team of code breakers has been working round the clock to decipher said code: shiro (white) means amphetamines and yasai (vegetables) means weed.

The National Police Agency in Japan reckons 2ch ignored 97% of requests to delete dodgy drug-related posts and wants them "to make improvements" because leaving these posts up it is making it too easy to trade drugs. We can't imagine censoring posts is going to stem the flow though – if you were that intent on getting your nostrils round some illegal substances, you'd just take your unbreakable code to email instead. Or maybe come up with a better code. [Kotaku]

Bane of your life – Film-loving TechRadar pals Total Film have launched a brand new interactive iPad edition and it's a jolly good read, we reckon. As if an endorsement from OMT wasn't enough to entice you in, they've also got a world exclusive image of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises for you to ogle. He's a friendly looking chap, isn't he. [Total Film]

Halcyon days - In the olden days, people dressed bad and things looked silly. That's the jist of this video imagining what Pinterest would have looked like in the '90s - pixelly and Word-based, basically. Needs more distressed denim. [Flavorwire]

Retro revival, part 8,493,538,423 - Speaking of nostalgia, Wolfenstein 3D is now available to play online for free, complete with robotic Hitler and, you know, guns and that. [Reg Hardware]

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