One More Thing: Cat video festival is either the best or worst idea ever

One More Thing: Cat video festival is either the best or worst idea ever
You see where this is going, right?

I can haz ugh burger? – Cats are brilliant. Cat videos are brilliant. That doesn't mean that this IRL cat-video-based film festival will be brilliant, but we're willing to travel to Minneapolis to find out. The things we do for you. Play yourselves off, keyboard cats. [

Internet Cat Video Film Festival


Fowl - Angry Birds is coming to an Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS near you soon thanks to Activision. It looks like there are some birds, some pigs, a catapult and, you know, more of the same. Exactly more of the same as Angry Birds Trilogy is merely Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio console-style. Out in Q4 with Kinect and Move compatibility to boot. [Rovio]

The internet is for… - Some people are coughing up thousands of dollars rather than go public with the fact that they have at one point downloaded porn. Studios have accused some people of pirating blue movies and, rather than go to court and mount some kind of defense, they are being bullied paying out. Reminds us a bit of MediaCAT which ended up going out of business once everyone wised up. Read the whole sad tale at the source link. [Sophos]

Love questions? Love physics? Love learning? Love comics? Then you're going to adore What If, created by Randall Munroe of xkcd fame. Every Tuesday he'll answer a hypothetical question sent by curious readers using nothing but physics and amusing pictures. It's brilliant. [What If]

Who are we? - If an annoying man accosted you on the streets of NYC recently, congratulations! You might be in this video! It seeks to answer the eternal question: How do you pronounce Huawei? It's supposed to be 'wah-way' apparently, but we'll stick with "Why Aye Mate" followed by speaking in Geordie for the rest of the day if it's all the same to you. [YouTube]

Life, uh, finds a way - Anyone who's ever visited a museum and been so engrossed in all the learning that they found themselves completely lost in a terrifying Night At The Museum/Jurassic Park style scenario will welcome the news that Google has added the interiors of 20 major US museums to Google Maps for Android. Is this the deathblow leaflets had been waiting for? We fear so. [Google]

To infinity and etc! – Richard Branson has unveiled Virgin Galactic's spaceship LauncherOne. Typically excitable, he said "LauncherOne will go around the world at 80,000mph in 80 minutes. It's actually 90 minutes, but I thought around the world in 80 minutes sounded better!" So… 90 minutes then. [Virgin]

Help the aged - Benjamin Button yourself by trying out this Age Man Suit which allows younger people to experience what it physically feels like to be elderly. Imagine how spritely you'd feel taking it off! Imagine how depressed you'd feel knowing that one day your body will actually feel like that and there'll be no Young Man Suit to wear. [Guardian]

Sign of the times - Complement your Age Man Suit with these gloves that translate sign language into speech. This incredibly brilliant idea has been made real by a group of Ukranian modders who invented the gloves as their entry to Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition – and they won it. Flex and touch sensors work with gyroscopes and accelerometers to interpret the hand movements, while a text-to-talk engine connected to a smartphone provides the speech. [Time]

Same as it ever was - Marvel at how nothing ever really changes by going to the Old Tweets search engine, which looks through tweets posted in Twitter's first year of existence, and searching for 'iPhone'. [TNW]

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