Hasbro's robot cats are as cuddly as they are creepy

Hasbro is selling robotic cats to keep the elderly company
Sorry, anyone older than 105 is out of luck

Hasbro, purveyors of Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony, and NERF, has a new addition to its lineup of family-friendly products in the form of robotic pet cats fresh from the Uncanny Valley.

The "Joy For All" Companion Pet Cat features soft fur and sensors that react to motion and petting. The cat purrs realistically, and can roll on its back when it wants a belly rub. The animatronic pet will even nuzzle close or doze off to simulate a particularly relaxed kitty-cat.

"We've heard from our friends, fans and consumers that some of our toys and games are especially appealing to seniors and enhance meaningful interactions with their loved ones," said Hasbro on the Joy For All website. "We believe that the power of play can bring joy to people at all stages of life."

While no replacement for a live animal, we can't fault Hasbro for bringing about fuzzy companionship for the elderly, especially those unable to take care of a pet on their own. Still, the Joy for All Companion Cats are a little unsettling ... maybe it's the eyes. Yeah, it's definitely the eyes.

The Joy For All Companion Cat comes in three varieties - Orange Tabby, Silver, and Creamy White - and can be ordered online for $99.99 each (about £65/AU$141).

Parker Wilhelm
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