Google in 2014: what to expect

In its current form, we'd say not. TechRadar has had hands on time with Google's super-specs and the current software is far from releasable. Even the design, gorgeous as it is, has its issues for wearers of genuine spectacles.

That doesn't mean a new version won't be revealed this year, but we're skeptical about whether it will see a proper release.Google isn't historically a hardware business, and it struggled to release products globally and maintain stock in 2013.

Whether it can bring such a contentious and highly anticipated product to market so quickly after its conception is debatable.

6. Google cashes in on PC Armageddon

The PC market has been slowly dying for the last two years, and 2014 is expected to be no different – but we can fully expect to see Google cash in on Microsoft's misery.

2014 will see a huge push for Chromebook and after a much improved 2013, with some stunning new devices at the high end. We'd bet on an upgrade to the Pixel in 2014 and even more top tech at the low end.

Microsoft has shown that it's nervous about low-priced Chromebooks pulling the rug from underneath Window 8's feet, so the obvious way to react is for Google to go even lower. The new HP Chromebook 11 retails for £220/$279, so expect a model to sink much lower in 2014.

7. Android gaming goes mainstream

One of the stories of 2013 has been Android becoming the OS of choice for fledgling gaming systems, such as Ouya, Nvidia Shield and Gamestick, but until now they've been niche products.

With such a stir created in 2013, the market is wide open for a big brand in 2014. At the end of last year, Samsung finally unveiled an Android gaming controller, so could this be the first step into a larger Android gaming strategy?

With its big brand and big bucks it could make a decent Android console, and with so many Samsung smartphones out there, a console could be a huge addition to the All Share family.


It's game on for Samsung

Google was vocal about voice search in 2013, so expect to see it implement its new features throughout 2014.

Google Now – Mountain View's answer to Siri – has already benefited from voice commands so expect a big push for more commands and better answers in other products, starting with the next Android and continuing into other areas...

9. Google in your home

Expect to see much more of Google beyond your smartphone in 2014, and it certainly has its eye on your home. In 2013, it opened a show home in London, showing off existing ways Google services can aid you life, and voice was a main feature.

Chromecast is another existing example of Google muscling into your living room, so connected apps with voice features and smart location services will be the story of the year.

10. Google in your car

Google doesn't make great cars and Audi doesn't make top internet services, so isn't it strange that when you buy a new motor and it features a proprietary system of inferior maps, poor media controls and frustrating voice recognition?

This is why 2014 might finally be the year Android comes to cars.

Android's diversity and open nature means its perfect for car companies to work with, enabling users to finally access proper maps, apps and services and finally bring the car into the digital age.