Techradar's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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Just like that, another year has raced past us, and – whaddya know – it's time to grab gifts for all of your friends and loved ones. But this year, it's got to be special. It's got to be something they're actually going to use. It's got to be just awesome.

That's where techradar comes in. Our team of expert editors has handpicked each of the gift ideas you'll find below and subsequent pages – 40 products across four price points*, folks – based on current tech trends and the best bits of kit released this year. Read on, and come back every day for daily deals between now and the most wonderful time of the year.

Buying on a budget? Find our choices for gifts under $25 on this very page, and click through the links below to jump into your desired price range:

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[Editor's Note: Some of the products in this gift guide have been sponsored. We've marked these as clearly as possible – all other recommendations are editorial choices.]

techradar holiday gift guide

Winegard FlatWave Micro HD Antenna

Bunny ears never looked so good

Help your loved ones cut the cord in 2016 with the Winegard FlatWave Micro HD Antenna. The flat antenna may not look like much – or cost as much as other presents on our list – but it's actually pretty powerful, With this gadget in your window, you can watch local, over-the-air TV stations, like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, in super crisp 1080p without a pesky bill at the end of the month.

techradar holiday gift guide

Xbox Live Gold (3 Months)

Give the gift that keeps on fragging

So you've given your friend, son, niece, or what have you the gift of modern gaming with an Xbox One. But, what about the Xbox Live Gold subscription they'll need for the crucial online access. Good news is you can get them started with these three-month cards. Aside from unlocking online multiplayer, a Gold subscription also great because it includes four free games a month.

techradar holiday gift guide

Whoosh! Screen Shine

Hipster-approved tech hygiene

Share your favorite photos and memories on your phone with friends and family this holiday, not their germs. Whoosh's safe, non-toxic formula helps to keep your smartphone's display smudge-proof and germ-free.

techradar holiday gift guide

PlayStation Plus (3 Month)

The PS4's ticket to online movies, music and games

This is the PlayStation gift that keeps on giving – at least for three months. It's this Sony membership program that entitles PS4 owners to online multiplayer and new games every month across all systems, PS3 and PlayStation Vita included. The Instant Game Collection perk alone makes it an easy stocking stuffer for PlayStation fans.

techradar holiday gift guide

Rocket League

What do soccer and race cars have in common? Fun

If you're even remotely familiar with soccer, you'll instantly understand the power of Rocket League. The goal is to score goals, natch, but traversing the field has never been so fun. With your hot rod of choice, you'll need to boost, leap over and crash into your opponents to win each blood-pumping match. One of the best multiplayer experiences – if not one of the best games – of 2015 isn't even 30 bucks.

techradar holiday gift guide

Google Cardboard

VR in your pocket – for less than movie night

Google Cardboard is the most affordable virtual reality you can experience right now – and it works with both Android and iOS phones. Simply download the free Cardboard app (or any other VR mobile app) and get ready to explore new worlds, watch movies, play games and more. Starting at a mere $25, it's great for the folks who are uninitiated or unconvinced by VR, since it'll barely dent your wallet.

techradar holiday gift guide

USB Squirming Tentacle

An absolutely delightful waste of space

OK, so this one doesn't exactly fall into the "useful" category, but it sure is awesome! While this data-less USB stick may take up a precious USB port on a laptop, isn't that worth the countless office gags you could pull off with this thing? You can ask for much more from a $15 stocking stuffer.

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techradar holiday gift guide

Tile (Generation 2)

Make losing your keys a challenge

Sure, this white puck might look like a whole lot of nothing, but this could be the difference between losing your car keys in the freezer and getting to work on time. Tile is a simple Bluetooth tracker that, if you're within 100 feet of it, will resound an audible tone until it's picked up. The truly forgetful folks in your life will remember to say "thank you" this time.

techradar holiday gift guide

Self-stirring Mug

So lazy. So what?

Do you have a cousin or sibling who is overwhelmed by even the simplest of tasks? Well, this self-stirring mug will alleviate at least one of his or her (many, many) problems. Pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and watch it swirl. No spoon – or effort – needed.

techradar holiday gift guide

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0

A pair of earbuds that never tangle

The perfect gift for the person always on the go, these earbuds never tangle, thanks to two nifty interlocking cables that, yes, resemble a zipper. In addition to a unique and functional design, the actual earbuds aren't slouches when it comes to sound quality. Not only are you giving someone a sweet set of headphones, you're literally detangling their lives. OK, a tiny part of it, but they'll thank you for it nonetheless.

*All products are categorized according to MSRP, not the latest deal.