Ex-Adobe CTO working with ex-iPod team on the iWatch?

A touch of iPod in the new iWatch?

Last month we brought you news that Kevin Lynch, former CTO of Adobe, was leaving the company and heading to Apple, though what he'd be doing in Cupertino wasn't exactly made public.

While it was said he'd report to Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of technologies, and coordinate efforts between the hardware and software departments, little else was revealed about why Apple wanted to bring Lynch on board.

Now, we may have some hints as to what the new vice president of technologies has been up to for the last month.

MacG.co (translated by Google) reported Thursday it has information Lynch has formed a team made up mostly of people who used to work on the iPod.

On iWatch watch

According to the site, some of the members of this team include Robert Curtis, who worked on iPod firmware for several years, and Steven Bollinger, owner of several patents related to the tech and touch screens.

While we can't know for sure what the group is up to, there are a few threads we can tie together. One is that it is working on a new music player, a logical conclusion though one we're not quite buying.

Could this bunch then be working on something bigger? Or, if we're being technical, smaller?

We're talking about the Apple Watch, and though there's reportedly a team of 100 product designers from various divisions hammering away on the wearable tech, perhaps Lynch and his crew were tasked with making the concepts a reality.

Lynch's work at Adobe dealt heavily with the cloud, which may be a key ingredient if Apple is to get its iWatch right.

And though there's talk the watch will be function more like the iPhone than the iPod, that doesn't mean it won't have a form factor similar to an iPod (an iPod nano, according to rumors). Having capability in something that looks and feels good is a must if the wrist ware is to take off.

Of course, maybe there is a new iPod or new iWhatever in the works that Lynch is busy working on instead, so we'll just have to wait and see what Apple has planned.

Until then, we've compiled all the iWatch rumors into one snappy video, and it's posted below for your viewing pleasure:

Via 9to5Mac

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