Five ways to tech up your home interior

After TechRadar's exclusive chat with light-emitting wallpaper designer Jonas Samson in April, it seems more artists and designers are jumping on board to light up or otherwise trick out your interior spaces. Here's our favourite five innovations.

Floral techno-fabric

Focusing mostly on big, bold floral and fauna designs, Orangepiel also actively encourages collaboration with customers should you want to "utilize your own imaging".

Focusing its designs on wall, floor, ceiling and even window-covering digitized art and treatments through its "Clipso Technical Fabrics", the company has also made several technical achievements in the materials it uses.

The standard "technical fabric" the company offers does not, says Orangepiel, sag or stretch, and will provide "amazing acoustic dampening" when coupled with acoustic insulation (natch).

It won't absorb odours, is waterproof and can be cut without losing tension. Orangepiel even offers an antibacterial variant of the wallpaper.

Thank you Mario, but our Princess is on another sticker

Chean-Wei Law ("Undoboy") from Malaysia has taken the decal approach to interior design, crafting self-adhesive polypropylene stickers of Nintendo graphics, focusing on elements of retro Super Mario Brothers landscapes, as well as more contemporary New Super Mario Brothers sprites. He also does a mean line in Donkey Kong, if you fancy a diminutive plumber climbing your wall to rescue a princess.

Because the stickers can be ripped off and reapplied, you can create all kinds of authentic or barmy versions of classic gaming scenarios, and all in the comfort of your bedroom.

Huggable sunlight

Diana Lin, meanwhile,has designed an LED cushion that glows with a soft, warm light for "a good night sleep" or as a sunshine alternative that will "uplift people's mood year round".

Using low heat SMD LEDs, The "d' light Huggable" cushion contains a 2500MAH battery that will maintain its soft glowing power for four hours, and it can also be powered by a 6 volt AC adaptor.

Purchasers have described the award-winning product as feeling like a "small, sleeping animal", which could "provide companionship to those in need of comfort", and there's even a range of changeable covers available in white, pink and gold.

Clearly, this is a Valentines Day present just waiting to happen.

Custom Lego lamp

Translucent Lego bricks and a light bulb - so simple, but an easy contender for The Best Idea Ever.

The Block Light kit, available over at Red5, contains 219 small, 16 medium and 4 large blocks of Lego-style bricks (don't worry, they're made from special plastic to take the heat!).

You have to provide your own lightbulb to light the bricks, but this provides even more room for creative hijinx. Red bulb or green? Long or fat? The customisation possibilities are pretty endless.

16 million colour lighting

Philips' LivingColors lamp promises to "light up your world in any shade you choose," and with 16 million of them to choose from, at any light level you want, it's certainly got variety on its side.

With a simple touch interface, you just have to reach out to the lamp to alter its hues, and it even has a remote control or automatic colour changing in case you want to stay slouched in that comfy chair indefinitely.

Six of the lamps can be linked up at once, giving the potential for all kinds of lighting rigs in your lounge.

Last week at IFA, Philips launched a mini 256-colour version of the lamp too, so that's the box room sorted, then.