Dyson's new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is no pushover

Dyson's new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is no pushover

Dyson is known for leading the way when it comes to vacuum innovation, with its range of cordless, customisable stick vacuums which take a lot of the fuss out of keeping your home clean.

However, keeping those cordless vacuums charged and maintained can be a hassle for some, and others may have a dirt situation that requires a vacuum that's a little more heavy duty.

Well, lucky for those people, Dyson has unveiled a new addition to its range of vacuums with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.

If you've ever owned a regular corded vacuum, you'll know all too well the frustration that comes with dragging it along behind you and having it tip over every time you pull it closer – this is why Dyson has created a ball-shaped corded vacuum which automatically picks itself back up whenever it falls down.

Dyson's new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is no pushover

Built in a spherical array, the Cinetic Big Ball has been weighted at its base, creating a low centre of gravity which makes the vacuum immediately roll back into the upright position whenever it's pushed over.

The Cinetic Big Ball also has an articulated handle that allows for 360° movement, instantly adding extra maneuverability.

Perhaps the Big Ball's most interesting feature is its Hygienic Dirt Ejector, which should come as an incredibly welcome addition to those familiar with Dyson's previous vacuums.

Dyson's new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is no pushover

Previously, you'd have to (rather uncomfortably) push your hand into the Dyson vacuum's hard to reach crevices in order to expel all accumulated waste, but now, a new silicone collar on the inside of the unit can be used to scrape down from top of the bin, making sure no trash is left behind.

It should also be noted that the Cinetic Big Ball's filter doesn't ever need to be washed or changed, making it the first Dyson vacuum that requires no maintenance. This is achieved by reducing and separating dust and microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns in size, basically making clogs a thing of the past.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is available now from Dyson's website, or you can wait until late April to pick it up at retailers from a starting price of $699.

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