Markerless motion capture hits the UK

"Production companies can come here and in minutes pre-visualise a scene, and have a working and moving storyboard for their project. The implications for this technology are huge."

The Stage is Open

Organic Motion's CEO isn't just content with getting his technology into production companies. He's also looking at ways to get markerless mocap out into the consumer market, using the OpenStage system.

"We have a big yet-to-be announced deal with a sports retailer that will get our technology into shops all around the world.

"Just think, you go into a sports shop and within minutes they can analyse your golf swing and give you 10 pages of data about what club would be best for you.

"The same with running, they put you on a running machine inside an OpenStage setup and they can analyse every single angle of your run and recommend the best shoes for you. It's fantastic that our technology can do that."

The possibilities for markerless mocap are endless. And it's not just in the real world that the technology can make a difference.

Organic motion

At CES in January, Intel chose Organic Motion to show the possibilities of the internet in its keynote speech.

"Intel asked us to do a demonstration of our product to show what the internet would be like in three, four years," said Tschesnok. "So we showed them Web 3.0 – where in places like Second Life, you don't control your avatars by the use of a keyboard.

"Essentially, with the help of Stage, you are your avatars. Soon it won't be Second Life, it'll be Third Life."

Leaving the small studio in the heart of Shoreditch, Hackney, TechRadar got the feeling that Organic Motion are on the cusp of something big with Stage, BioStage and OpenStage.

Its collaboration with Studio 7 means that this revolutionary tech is in the UK, and will soon be used by production companies everywhere.

Motion capture won't just be confined to Hollywood anymore, it's about to become here, there and everywhere. Now, about my golf swing…

Marc Chacksfield

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