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No more Smashing Pumpkins albums - lead singer blames iTunes

Smashing Pumpkins prefer being single
Smashing Pumpkins prefer being single

Overblown rock outfit Smashing Pumpkins have announced that they will no longer be releasing albums, and it's all because of Apple and its pesky iTunes store.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, lead singer Billy Corgan has sounded the death-knell on albums, saying: "We're done with that. There is no point. People don't even listen to it all. They put it on their iPod, they drag over the two singles and skip over the rest."

Ye of little faith, Corgan – nobody would ever do that with the brilliant Siamese Dream, but Zeitgeist on the other hand…

Why are we killing ourselves?

Instead of creating 'arty' tracks for albums (read: fillers), Corgan has decided the good ol' single is the way forward.

"The listening patterns have changed," Corgan laments. "So why are we killing ourselves to do albums, to create balance and do the arty track to set up the single? It's done."