10 Kickstarter projects you will be buying in 2014

8. Damson Headbones

Price: from £50 (about AU$91, US$86)
Funding Goal: £50,000 (about AU$90,954
, US$85,584)
Funding achieved: £95,688 (about AU$174,063, US$163,787)
Expected Delivery: October 2014

Damson Headbones

Wouldn't it be great if the experience of using headphones was more like listening to the radio? An experience where you could hear and enjoy your music without blocking yourself off from the outside world or risking death every time you cross the road?

From the British developer of the Damson Twist speaker comes Headbones, which sit not in your ears, but on your temporal bone. The device users bone conducting technology to send the sound directly to the inner ear via vibration, while keeping the ear canal free to experience ambient noise.

TR says: Want to listen to Katy Perry in the office, while still engaging with your colleagues? Become a headboner.

9. KOR-FX gaming vest

Price: from $135 (about £79, AU$144)
Funding goal: $75,000 (about £43,817, AU$79,755)
Funding achieved: $138,614 (about £80,981, AU$147,403)
Expected delivery: September 2014
Closes 24 July


With all of the talk about virtual reality gaming at the moment, wouldn't a gaming vest offering haptic feedback that allows you to feel your environment be a nice little accoutrement to that? Say hello to the KOR-FX.

When an enemy tank approaches, you feel it as you do in the real world, when shots are fired, you'd better believe you feel it, as 'acousto-haptic' vibrations generated from the in-game sound echo around your chest cavity. The KOR-FX vest is plug and play and will work with any existing systems via a 3.5mm jack. When combined with a device like the Oculus Rift, it might be one of the final pieces of that fully-immersive gaming world science-fiction has been promising for decades.

TR says: We can't wait to strap on a VR headset and KOR-FX vest and become so fully immersed in our gaming experiences that we scream when being shot by virtual enemies.

10. The Q

Price: from $89 (about £52, AU$95)
Funding goal: $100,000 (about £58,422, AU$106,341)
Funding achieved: $64,818 (about £3786, AU$68,928)
Expected delivery: December 2014
Closes 16 July


The first smart lighting system that integrates light and sound, eh? Well, colour us intrigued. Belled Technologies has devised a lighting system that syncs with the music you're streaming from a connected device and puts on a little light show in time with your favourite tracks.

The energy-efficient LED bulbs connect up to the Wi-Fi-enabled Q Station Router. From there you can compose your own lighting designs based on the beat and your mood, via the free app for iOS and Android.

TR says: With home automation from Nest and this party-starting intelligent lighting we're looking forward to living in the home of tomorrow.

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