10 best fitness gadgets: top tech for training

Turning water into hydrogen and then back into water again, releasing energy in the process, the PowerTrekk can recharge anything attached to its USB port, with a hole punched in a puck (which cost extra) starting the chemical reaction. Each puck is good for two full charges of a smartphone, though there's also a micro USB lithium-ion cell battery onboard for more conventional power-ups. On the downside, it can only be used while stationary - say, at camp - and it pongs a bit, too.

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9. Recon Instruments Mod Live HUD - US$300 (around £195/AU$320)

10 best fitness gadgets

Stats, maps, apps and chats are what the Mod Live HUD is all about. Aimed at skiers and snowboarders, it's a heads-up display that integrates a GPS and Bluetooth equipped mini-computer and LCD screen into a pair of goggles. Rather than giving you visual information layered on top of what you're looking at - as with Google Glass - the Mod Live HUD uses a small screen that stays in your peripheral vision. Created to fit only a select number of specially designed goggles from several manufacturers including Smith, Uvex, Oakley and Scott, a battery pack, cable and HUD screen is also required.

The Mod Live's screen is very small, at just under half an inch wide, but since it's so close to your eyes, it's big enough to read without blocking your vision. When you hit the slopes it displays your current speed, altitude, distance and vertical feet travelled while smartly slicing all of this information into individual runs for easy reference and bragging rights. It also tracks your daily and all-time records. The live read-out of speed might be dangerous, but overall the live stats on ground covered ought to help you get the most out of your time on or off the piste.

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10. Suunto Core - £235/US$300/AU$350

10 best fitness gadgets

Navigation of the world's wilder bits is what the Suunto Core watch is for. More affordable than many of its competitors, the Core packs in the tech; altimeter, compass, depth meter and a thermometer are all inside, while it also includes sunrise and sunset times for 400 locations across the globe. Back-lit and weighing just 64g (2.3oz), it's also waterproof to 30m (100ft).

A stopwatch and timer are useful for navigation while following bearings, while three alarms are also included. Usefully, the Core logs your altitude and distance travelled, so you can track your progress up and down mountains over an entire week. It's a fun way of recording your achievements, whether skiing or trekking over mountain passes. Simple to use and with rugged reliability, the Suunto Core is a great value outdoors watch.

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