Windows Core OS could change the way you get notifications

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Another clue has popped up as to exactly how the still-not-officially-announced Windows Core OS is shaping up, in the form of a nugget of info regarding the notification system.

You may recall that Windows Core OS is Microsoft’s big plan for the future of its operating system, turning it into a modular affair that can easily be tailored and deployed for different devices – like dual-screen (foldable) hardware, for example, such as the firm’s own Surface Neo (pictured above) which is due out at the end of the year.

Windows Latest regularly combs through LinkedIn looking for clues to Microsoft’s various projects, and its latest discovery was found in the profile of a software engineer at the company.

Di Cao is apparently working on implementing an “in-context feature on notification settings page on Desktop and notification settings page on WCOS [Windows Core OS] for Windows Settings”.

Granted, there’s not much to go on there, but this is a hint that Microsoft may be implementing a new notifications system introducing an ‘in-context feature’ which will presumably help to simplify and streamline notifications.

Taking action

Other recent clues also pertaining to the Action Center – where notifications are delivered in Windows 10 – point to a new ‘notification center’ with Windows 10X (which is purportedly built on Core OS), which will make it easier to play with quick settings, and display useful elements for portable devices like a battery life indicator.

Microsoft still hasn’t officially talked about Core OS, although in the past references to it have been spotted in the firm’s own support documentation (dating back to April 2019).

And indeed, when Microsoft first showed off Windows 10X, it didn’t refer to the OS being built on the modular system either – but that’s believed to be the case.

That should be confirmed soon enough, given that Windows 10X is out later this year – running on dual-screen devices like the aforementioned Surface Neo – but in the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and be content with minor leaks regarding Core OS like this one.

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