More evidence of Microsoft’s innovative Windows Core OS spotted

(Image credit: Future)

Microsoft’s rumored modular Windows Core OS, a version of Windows 10 that could run on dual-screen devices, looks even more likely, with references to the highly anticipated software being found in Microsoft’s very own support pages.

The eagle-eyed reporters over at Windows Latest spotted references to Windows Core OS in Microsoft’s own support documentation, which – crucially – is the fist time we’ve seen Microsoft refer to the software using that name.

The document has been knocking about since April 19, 2019, so it seems that Microsoft’s sly references to the new software have gone unnoticed until now.

Coming to a dual-screen near you?

With the existence – and name – of Windows Core OS seemingly being confirmed by Microsoft itself, we could see the first device running the software very soon.

Microsoft is holding a Surface hardware event on October 2, and there are rumors that the company will show off a dual-screen Surface – codenamed Surface Centaurus – at the event. If Microsoft does indeed show off a dual-screen device, it’s pretty likely that it will be running Windows Core OS.

We’ll be at the event ourselves, so keep an eye out for our hands-on reviews of all the new hardware Microsoft shows off.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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