Windows 10 ‘Spring Creators Update’ name dropped in yet another leak

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Yet another leak has reaffirmed the likely name of Microsoft’s next major Windows 10 update to be ‘Spring Creators Update,’ thanks to infamous Microsoft leaker WalkingCat.

The leak brought itself to bear after WalkingCat coyly asked their followers to run a specific code string through Windows 10’s PowerShell tool in the Windows 10 Insider Preview build numbered 17618: Get-VMHostSupportedVersion. A follower obliged and shared the below result.

There it is, directly referenced within Windows 10’s underlying code as what will almost certainly be the final name of the major update. This revelation is perhaps even more affirming than the previous leak this year.

That earlier leak was caught by a tipster to IT Pro Today’s Richard Hay, finding a mention of the update by this formal name within a ‘Bug Bash Quest’ issued to Windows Insiders in a previous Windows 10 Insider Preview build.

At this point, we’re seeing nearly all signs pointing to the imminent March or April Windows 10 revision being known as the ‘Spring Creators Update.’ That naming has serious implications regarding what we can expect in terms of features and tools introduced.

While we already know that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play into the update in a major way, it’s safe to assume we'll see even more updates aimed at digitally creative types professional and otherwise.

It shouldn’t be much longer now before we learn all about this so-called ‘Spring Creators Update,’ and how it appeases Microsoft’s newest muse: creators, judging by previous major releases.

Via ZDNet

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