Windows 10 preview fleshes out privacy settings as next update looks imminent

Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out a fresh preview version of Windows 10 that makes some interesting changes on the privacy front ahead of the next big update of the desktop OS, which could be imminent given the lack of issues cited with this Redstone 4 build.

In a lengthy blog post Microsoft detailed the new system of setting up privacy settings that will arrive with the next major update – rumored to be called the Spring Creators Update.

The privacy settings screen now has two new subgroups of options: Inking & Typing and Find My Device.

The former allows (or blocks, if you so choose) both inking and typing data to be sent back to Microsoft’s servers to improve aspects of features including auto-complete, word prediction and handwriting recognition.

Find My Device, when enabled, utilizes location data that could help to pinpoint the location of your hardware should you happen to be unfortunate enough to lose it (or have it stolen). You need to be signed in to your Microsoft account for this to work.

Screen testing

Windows 10 privacy settings will be delivered in different formats depending on the host device, so some users will review their settings on a single screen, whereas others will get a series of seven individual screens, each concentrating on one privacy option.

Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Microsoft will highlight its recommended choice, and naturally will also point out any downsides of turning a particular option off, as you can see in the image above showing the dedicated screen for Find My Device.

If you’re a Windows Insider you can check out the new privacy settings by hitting the Start button and heading to Settings > Privacy.

Aside from these privacy changes, there are no other modifications to Windows 10 with this preview build, although naturally a number of bug fixes have been implemented.

As Venturebeat (which spotted Microsoft’s post) observes, another interesting point is that there are no known issues listed for this build, which makes it seem like Microsoft is getting close to having everything ironed out – and that could mean we'll see the Spring Creators Update (if that's what it ends up being called) rolling out very shortly.

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