WhatsApp could finally be coming to iPad

(Image credit: Future)

If you're in the middle of the Venn diagram of 'WhatsApp users' and 'iPad users', you've certainly been affected by the lack of an official WhatsApp app. 

Either you're forced to use WhatsApp Web, which can be rather unreliable on Safari, install a possibly-dodgy third-party app, or just not use WhatsApp at all, so there's a large user base pretty desperate for this functionality.

Well, it seems like the wait could be over, judging by a source close to the matter.

Website WABetaInfo, which appears to have a fairly solid track record of leaking WhatsApp information, WhatsApp is planning to roll out to iPads and Macs, as part of a plan to let you log in to multiple devices at once.

At the moment, you can only log in to WhatsApp from one phone at a time, with WhatsApp Web taking the information from said phone. That makes the whole system a little fiddly. 

If the rumor is correct, WhatsApp could turn itself into a more streamlined, traditional-style messaging service, with apps on all the major platforms, that you can use without logging out of other devices.

Apparently, you will able to even go cross-platform, being logged into Android, iOS, Windows or other devices all at once - corroborating plans to bring more of a fusion to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

As we said, we can't validate the rumor, as we don't know the source, but at this point it's a no-brainer for WhatsApp to put out apps on all devices if it can do so securely.

Tom Bedford

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