WhatsApp conversations just got way more useful with improved file sharing

WhatsApp isn't just about sharing GIFs and jokes about friends from one group in another they're excluded from (we all do that right?). Nope – WhatsApp wants you to also share useful stuff, today announcing an update which will greatly expand the messaging app's file sharing capabilities.

Building on last year's roll out of sending PDF attachments to pals, users can now share any file type they want through WhatsApp.

There's a slight catch however – files being sent can be no larger than 100MB in size. Though considering you're usually out and about on a mobile data plan when using the app, that restriction may become one you're happy to have.

Fancy font work

The update doesn't stop there either. WhatsApp will now let you add bold, italicised or strikethrough text to your chats, with a simple tap and hold over the  words to be formatted.

Finally, the app's improving its clunky photo sharing system too. No longer will you have to wrestle with a small scrolling selection of images – instead, the in-app camera will show all images it can fit onscreen at once, with multiple sent images grouped tidily into a gallery view.

Rolling out to Android and iOS users now, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the update to hit your device of its own accord in the coming days.

Gerald Lynch

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