What happens when you leave your smartphone with 3G/4G connection in your pocket?


Ever since the advent of mobile phones, there have been murmurs about the health hazards these devices may create. Many even link the radiation smartphones cause to the development of cancer in people. The smartphones of today are a far cry from the basic models just a few decades back, and with constant access to the Internet, you now have the world in your hands.

With the availability of 3G/4G connections on phones, you have high-speed Internet at all times no matter where you are. But there have been various opinions on the subject that people who carry smartphones with such connections in their pocket the entire day are exposing themselves to potential health risks. Here’s what you need to know:

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1/4 How does 4G technology work in smartphones?

We all love our 4G-enabled devices as it means faster browsing speeds. However, to provide more bandwidth, designers of this technology use "smart antennas," which are a series of four antennas fitted into a single smartphone. This is equivalent to having four mobile phones in one, which also has the flipside of emitting more radiation.

There have been debates about whether this is an ethical practice by smartphone manufacturers or not, but health experts are of the view that 4G technology exposes users to higher amounts of radiation.

2/4 What do health professionals feel?

The constant use of 3G/4G-enabled smartphones is not recommended by health experts, as there is the potential for harmful effects on people’s health with prolonged exposure to radiation from such devices.

There have been studies in the past decade, in which doctors found that an increasing number of patients suffer from health issues caused by wireless radiation overload. The big question is whether or not this can cause cancer.

3/4 Can you get cancer by carrying your smartphone in your...

Cancer is caused by a variety of factors, and although there has been no proven case of someone getting cancer by using smartphones that have 3G/4G connections, there have been studies that link cell phone radiation to increased chances of getting the dreaded disease.

Moreover, there are other health hazards that you may expose yourself to, such as chronic fatigue, hyperventilation, and high blood pressure. It has also been linked to sperm damage in men, which may affect fertility.

4/4 What you can do to minimize the harmful effects of cell...

All things said, it is not likely that we will stop using our smartphones with 3G/4G connections any time soon. But what you can do to reduce your chances of radiation overload is to keep your phone on airplane mode whenever you do not need to use the wireless functions.

Also, keeping it away from your body as much as you can is recommended when the phone is on. Choose texting over calling when possible, and try to use an air tube headset rather than Bluetooth ones.

It is true that more substantial research is needed to establish a direct link between the use of contemporary cell phones and chronic, life-threatening diseases. Meanwhile, it can’t hurt to be a little careful.