Your smartwatch battery could last twice as long next year

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Major improvements have been made to both Samsung and LG smartwatches in terms of design, comfort and operating systems since they first arrived on the scene, but battery life remains generally the same.

Samsung SDI and LG Chem - both battery making units of each company showed off new prototypes for supposedly longer lasting wearables batteries during an exhibition in South Korea.

The Samsung group had two types of flexible batteries on hand: a slim, 0.3mm-thin stripe battery that can be used in "hairbands and necklaces" along with a band battery designed to increase the life by 50%.

LG Chem displayed a wired battery that's also bendable in nature, with the ability to fold in half. This actually debuted in 2013 but coupled with a hexagonal battery that LG announced in June, the company expects both to double the battery capacity for wearables.

At the moment, higher end wearables could use a major battery boost. The majority of smartwatches, including the Gear S2, new Moto 360 and fitness trackers with screens like the Microsoft Band 2 only last up to 48 hours or less depending on usage.

Nothing has been said about when we'll see the so-called superior batteries in devices, but we're hoping next year, especially if they're as good as the companies claim them to be.

Via Digital Trends