We now live in a world where you can buy self-lacing Nike shoes

Nike HyperAdapt
Nike HyperAdapt

Stop what you're doing and just look at this, right now. Introducing the Nike HyperAdapt trainers:

Yep - long in development, Nike has finally cracked the self-lacing shoe dream first brought to us in Back to the Future II. And not only do the tech-filled sneakers tighten themselves, but you can actually buy them, too.

Well - you can pre-order them at least. And the price hasn't been announced yet (let's be real, you're not going to be able to justify the inevitably inordinate amount they'll cost). But for once, let's just revel in the madness of a sci-fi dream come true.

Great Scott!

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers will be available at "select Nike retail locations" across the US, though you'll need to book in an appointment for the November 28 release.

It's a super smart design, with Nike seeming to have thought of every conceivable issue the shoes could have.

The laces pull tighter just by putting pressure on the heel, while there are individual buttons for tightening and loosening them near the lip. A two-part magnetic charging base (with one contact point for each shoe, naturally) powers the internal tightening mechanism, with the battery good for two week's worth of wear.

The only worry we'd have (aside from the notably-absent price) is having a battery on your feet, so close to the ground. Pounding the pavement could become an explosive game of Russian roulette is that battery pack were to slam into an uneven patch of ground.

Still, it hasn't numbed our excitement. It turns out that, where we're going, we do still need roads - if only to have somewhere to try these out on.

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via: Wired

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