Third-party Apple Watch straps are coming

Apple Watch
Soon you'll be able to customise your watch without paying Apple tax

The Apple Watch already has a fairly wide selection of official straps, but they're not cheap, with a new one costing anywhere from £39/$49/A$79 for a Sport Band to £379/$449/A$679 for a Link Bracelet. So while a wider range of options would be nice, some more affordable ones would be even better.

We don't expect Apple itself will ever peddle its wares for anything less than an eye-raising amount of cash, but thankfully we might not need it to, as the company has launched a new website and design guide dedicated to helping companies create third party watch bands.

So before long we expect the market will be crowded with new strap options and hopefully a good number of them won't require you to sell your car to afford. Some enterprising makers started developing new bands even before Apple gave its support to them, but the floodgates are now open.