Garmin's Fenix Chronos is very stylish and very expensive

Fenix Chronos

Garmin already has a number of fitness-focused smartwatches on the market, from the Garmin Swim to the Garmin Forerunner 920XT, but the company has just announced a new wearable, which ups both the style and the price.

Dubbed the Garmin Fenix Chronos, the company's latest watch comes in three flavors. For US$900 (around £680/AU$1180) you can get it with a steel housing and a leather band, for US$1000 (roughly £760/AU$1315) it comes with a stainless steel band and for US$1500 (about £1140/AU$1970) the watch comes with a titanium housing and band.

Even at the entry level that's a lot of money for a wearable, but the Garmin Fenix Chronos undeniably looks good, with a smart finish despite its sporty focus.

And the watch is packed full of features, too, with GPS, heart-rate monitoring, a pedometer, altimeter, barometer and compass, all of which allows wearers to track their running, swimming, cycling, skiing, golf and more.

The Fenix Chronos can also access Garmin's Connect IQ app store, allowing you to add even more functionality to it.

Your window onto all those features is a 1.2-inch always-on display that's designed to be readable in sunlight, and the watch should be able to guide you out of whatever wilderness you find yourself in, with up to one week of battery life (though that drops to 13 hours when using GPS).

If you like the sound of the Garmin Fenix Chronos and have deep enough pockets to buy it, you'll be able to now if you live in the US, while the UK release date is set for some point in Q3.

James Rogerson

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