IRL: The 10 Apple Watch apps I use every single day

6. Lining up that perfect shot with Camera Remote

I don't trust you to take my photo. Sorry. Strangers, especially those who are my parents age or older have the best of intentions, but often don't know how to frame a photo. It's a problem. It's why I take selfies and don't apologize.

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But sometimes those tech-challenged baby boomers are the only ones available. That's why I like the Apple Watch Camera Remote app. I can help them line up and even snap the photo.

My iPhone 6S Plus camera (front or back) beams whatever is the viewfinder straight to my 42mm Watch. It even includes a three-second timer so I'm not stuck looking at my wrist in the photo.

This is the perfect app for getting a group shot right and including everyone you want in the frame. You may have to resort to making your mom and dad a human tripod, but it's better than cut-off heads during once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.

7. Currency apps prevent cheating

Foreign countries can be a challenge to navigate. You probably don't speak the language, often suffer with spotty data coverage, and have no idea how to get from Point A to Point B.

The last thing you want to do is get cheated because you're unfamiliar with the currency. When a cab driver says it's 200 Chinese Yuan, that may seem about right given the exchange rate.

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However, an Apple Watch app like XE Currency reveals that's $30 (£21, AU$40) for a short ride, and then you realize your mates' "overspill" cab behind you cost 30 Yuan, or $5 (£3, AU$6).

This is when you argue with the driver, who says you "agreed" to $200 Yuan and you shout out the one Mandarin word you learned ahead of time: "Jǐngchá! Jǐngchá!" ("Police! Police!").

It's safer to convert prices with the Apple Watch and keep your phone safely in your pocket. This is one driver that's not going to be returning your phone if it drops between the seats.

8. Siri for game scores

There's nothing worse at a baseball game than going to buy that classic hotdog and beer combo during the seventh inning stretch, only to miss that game-changing home run.

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Everyone says "there's a not a bad seat in the house" at modern day ballparks, but concession stands are a different story. Your back is to the field and giant scoreboard, and if there's a TV, it always seem to be 12 inches and made in 1982.

Siri solves this problem (and others) with the Apple Watch voice commands. Hearing the roar of the crowd, I asked "What's the score of the Dodger game?" Yes! One for the home team.

Other questions I asked Siri at the stadium include "What's the weather like?" (a shortcut to the weather app) or "What time is sunset?" (not something you can get from a native app).

The best part about initiating "Hey Siri" questions hands-free is that I can do it without grasping my iPhone. It's the one thing more expensive than that also ludicrously priced topped-off beer and ketchup-and-mustard smothered hotdog.

9. Wallet (previously known as Passbook) for flight check-ins

As much as I fly, there's still a lot of stress going through airport security. It may be because I carry six smartphones with me (for testing purposes) and get weird looks from TSA officials.

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Flight check-ins have been made easier when I wear my Apple Watch thanks to Wallet, the pre-loaded Watch app previously known as Passbook. Wallet on the phone is so May 23, 2015.

My boarding pass simply lives in the Watch notifications menu (one swipe down on the display), so it's easy to access and scan that QR code. I only have to worry about carrying my Passport.

I sometimes have to take my Apple Watch off or awkwardly flip my wrist to make that QR code scan (depending on the scanner configuration), but it works better than carrying my phone.

10. Find iPhone

I've never lost a phone... permanently I do, however, endlessly search for phones and, if there was a gold membership to Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager, I'd be a lifelong member.

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That's why I cling to my Apple Watch's Find My iPhone button. It's conveniently accessible through a glance widget and I can find my phone in a matter of seconds.

It's now the fastest way to activate that ear-piercing sonar sound and find my phone under... a bag of potato chips? I didn't even eat those. No wonder I couldn't find it.

More Apple Watch apps

These are the Apple Watch apps I use in real life, and notice I didn't mention its heavily marketed fitness apps or calling features? They're both easily skippable.

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We called this smartwatch a "convenience gadget" when we first reviewed it a year ago, and that label is still true. It's not game changing technology, but an iPhone-tied shortcut.

That will change in the future, as the inevitable Apple Watch 2 release date nears. With more sensors and iPhone-free functionality. It's only a matter of time.

Matt Swider