Want to print your Windows 11 documents? You'll have to be an admin

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Microsoft is reportedly working on a fix for yet another printing issue in Windows 11 (opens in new tab) that asks users for admin credentials before undertaking certain printing jobs.

The issue affects a wide range of both client and server Windows releases, including Windows 11, and Windows 10 (opens in new tab) as well as Windows Server (opens in new tab) 2022, Windows Server 20H2, and earlier.

However, according to Microsoft, the issue manifests itself only in those environments where the print client and print server are in different time zones, which thankfully spares virtually all home users of Windows.

“The affected environments described in this issue are not commonly used by devices designed for home use. The printing environments affected by this issue are more commonly found in enterprises and organizations,” reassures Microsoft (opens in new tab).

Redmond’s printing tale of woes 

Microsoft has been grappling with printer-related issues at fairly regular intervals, ever since the discovery, and the subsequent botched fixes (opens in new tab) of the printer-spooler vulnerabilities collectively known as PrintNightmare (opens in new tab)

It now appears that not only is Microsoft running into printing-related woes in every nook and cranny, they are going to follow it into Windows 11 as well. Last week, Microsoft had already confirmed three new printer-related problems (opens in new tab) caused by compatibility issues between its latest and the previous releases, and this one again adds to the number of unaddressed printing issues in Windows 11.

For what it’s worth though, BleepingComputer reports that Microsoft has already fixed the problem for previously Windows 10 and earlier releases via the Patch Tuesdays of September (opens in new tab) and October. 

However, a solution to address the issue isn’t yet available for Windows 11 customers.

“We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in late October,” assures Microsoft.

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