Want free Adobe Creative Cloud for two months? Here's how to get the hidden offer

Adobe Creative Cloud
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Adobe Creative Cloud has already helped out students who need free home access, and now it's everyone else's turn – a neat trick that's doing the rounds on social media could land you two months of free Creative Cloud access.

As long as you're an existing Adobe subscriber, all you need to do is follow the steps below and you'll be taken to an offers page that includes a 'best offer' of getting your next two months for free.

How much you save depends on which plan you're signed up to. It's certainly a welcome helping hand for those who are on Lightroom or Photoshop plans, but if you subscribe to all Creative Cloud apps then it could save you an impressive $105 / £99 / AU$155, which is certainly very welcome in these trying times.

If you're worried about hitting the cancel button, fear not – that isn't confirmed until you get to the very last step of the process below.

How to get the Adobe Creative Cloud offer

Adobe Creative Cloud

(Image credit: Adobe)
  1. Log into your Adobe account
  2. Click on 'Manage plan'
  3. Click on 'Cancel plan' (next to 'Change plan')
  4. You'll now be in a 'Cancel plan' menu. Choose a reason for leaving.
  5. Click 'continue' on the 'Details' step.
  6. You'll now arrive at the 'offers' section, where you can choose to accept the 'two months free' offer.

There are a few caveats. We've only tried this process in the UK, although there are plenty of Creative Cloud subscribers from the US on Twitter who appear to have had similar success. That said, we can't guarantee it'll work for all regions.

Also, the nature of the offer means it's mainly designed for those who are set up to pay monthly – although, again, there is anecdotal evidence on Twitter that suggests it will also work with those who have chosen to pay annually, with some users saying that a credit was applied to their account.

Lastly, depending on your contract there may be a cancellation fee. This will likely be less than the money you save with two free months of access, but may well eat into those savings.

This isn't the first time Adobe has had a cancellation offer – there have been reports of similar 'two month' offers happening for a few years. But it's not a permanent policy and the timing of this one is certainly very welcome for any creative whose bank balance is currently under siege for obvious reasons.

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