VR Cybershoes that let you walk on the spot ready for Oculus Quest this May

(Image credit: Cybershoes)

Those that want to go on an epic VR adventure without leaving their swivel chairs, you're in for a treat – Cybershoes, the VR accessory that lets you walk on the spot in virtual reality worlds, is now ready to ship its Oculus Quest 2-compatible version.

Currently selling on Indiegogo as part of an extension of its successful crowdfunding campaign for $285 (£205 / AU$369) at an early bird price (with a $399 / £290 / AU$520) regular price, the devices are now ready for players, shipping out this month.

Strapping over a player's shoes, the Cybershoes have slippy bases which track movement when slid over a surface. Sat in a swivel chair (not standing, for fear of crushing the shoes), you're able to slide your feet around and move in a way that simulates walking, without hitting the restrictions of your play space. The new Oculus Quest pack includes an additional Bluetooth tracker that allows the shoes to wirelessly track the untethered headset's position, too, as well continuing to work with tethered PC VR set ups.

We tried an early version of the Cybershoes back at CES 2019, and were impressed by how the accessory smartly extends how a player can move in a VR space.

If you're interested in picking up a pair, the Indiegogo campaign has a few days left for you to pick it up at an early-bird, lower price, finishing on May 10. Once the Indiegogo campaign ends, you'll be able to pick the accessory up at Cybershoes.com and retailers including Amazon (in the US, at least).

The Cybershoes sit in an interesting niche for VR gamers – especially this new version supporting the wireless Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. It may seem counter-intuitive to root a player on the spot in order to simulate movement when they're wearing an untethered headset, but for those that have smaller gaming spaces, this could let them move more freely than before.

In fact, games that have larger settings to traverse, such as the VR versions of Skyrim, Fallout 4 and No Man's Sky, could really benefit – players could trek all across their worlds without running out of space in the physical world, resorting to teleportation movement controls, and all while reducing motion sickness. For those that enjoy open world VR gaming, the Cybershoes could be an essential option – providing the company continues to support a wide array of VR games.

Gerald Lynch

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