Bluetooth Callpod offers hands-free group chat

Link up to five Bluetooth gadgets with the new Phoenix conference system
Link up to five Bluetooth gadgets with the new Phoenix conference system

The world's first Bluetooth mobile conferencing system has just been launched, allowing up to five BT devices to link up and chat simultaneously.

The battery-powered Phoenix MCS from Callpod is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled headsets, phones and computers, providing push-to-talk communications among participants while eliminating background noise.

The system has a maxmium range of up to 100 metres with the company's own Dragon headsets, although obviously you will be limited to the range of individual devices.

The full duplex audio can be paired with a mobile phone or VOIP service for conference calls, or as a standalone hands-free service for surgeons, mechanics or bikers wanting to chat while cutting people up, fixing cars and cutting people up, respecitively.

Eat your words

"The Phoenix MCS can be used in many different situations from a FEMA disaster recovery situation to everyday retail and restaurant worker-to-worker communications," said Darren Guccione, Callpod's CEO.

The Phoenix has a footprint of about 300,000 square feet and a lithium ion battery provides a full work day (8 hours) of talk time or 120 hours standby.

There's no price on the Phoenix yet, although as it's billed as "making your conference room obsolete", expect a real estate-sized pricetag.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.