Introducing Stan: the new face of Australian streaming

Breaking Bad
Stan promises to feature Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul

Is your biggest reservation about Foxtel Play and the rest of the current crop of streaming services that they're not lining poor old Gina Rinehart's pockets?

Then rejoice! Stan is here to save the day, and it might just be worth signing up for when it launches in early 2015.

Stan is a new streaming service for Australians that promises affordability – around $10 per month according to ambassador Rebel Wilson, but pricing is yet to be confirmed – and "thousands of hours" of TV shows and movies.

Launching its website this morning, Stan promises to feature Breaking Bad and its soon-to-be-released prequel series Better Call Saul, but further details about specific content are yet to be announced.

Sample Stan

Stan will be a no-contract service, so you can come and go as you please. It will also offer a free trial period enabling you to sample its wares. Just don't forget to cancel if you decide it's not for you.

Stan is currently exploring partnerships with ISPs, so we can expect there'll be options available that won't take a blowtorch to your bandwidth, but no specifics are currently available.

Stan is a product of StreamCo, the joint venture between Fairfax Media (of which Rinehart is the largest shareholder) and Nine Entertainment Co. It will launch early next year, and you can sign up on its website to be among the first to access the free trial.