D-Link Connected to kill off Apple TV?

Stream any file format to your TV, wirelessly or by LAN, with this handy box and PC app

We've just had the guys from DivX come down to demo the new D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player. And if most people hadn't already snubbed the Apple TV, this looks like just the device to kill it off for good.

DivX Connected is a digital media platform that will enable you to stream your DivX videos, music and photos from your PC to the television in your living room. Essentially, you plug the D-Link box into your TV, hook it up to your wireless or LAN home network, and then you're free to watch any video or music content that you have on your PC, on your TV in any room in the house.

Wirelessly stream content

But that's not the coolest part. There will be the option for any user to create plug-ins and upload them to the rest of the DivX community. These plug-ins will work on your PC (which you'll be using as a server) to do lots of really cool things.

The one that was demonstrated to us was a Google Maps plug-in which enabled you to navigate Google Maps using just the box's remote control. But that's not even the start of it.

For instance, the D-Link Connected box ships with native support for DivX, Xvid, WMV and MP3 files. But what if you want to watch a QuickTime file in the same way? Luckily you won't have to buy an Apple TV, as users will be able to create their own codec plug-ins which will convert file formats on the fly. That'll enable you to watch any file on your TV, regardless of format.

Any file format

It's incredibly easy to set up too. You simply install the small application on your PC and tell it which folders contain your media files. From then on, you'll be able to navigate those folders from your living room, with all files nicely thumbnailed and laid out aesthetically.

DivX Connected can handle high definition content too, so any 720p downloads you may have will look pretty smart on your HD TV, providing your home network isn't too overloaded with traffic.

And finally, another one of the most exciting things about the D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player is the price: £129.99. It's expected to go on sale next month.

James Rivington

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