Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell believes the Xbox Series X is better than the PS5

Xbox Series X vs PS5
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Whether you’re planning on buying a Xbox Series X or PS5, one thing’s for certain: everyone has an opinion on which console is best.

That includes Valve’s co-founder, Gabe Newell, who has pledged his allegiance to Microsoft’s tower of power. In an interview on The Project, a New Zealand television programme, Newell didn’t even flinch when probed about which console is best and confidently proclaimed, “Xbox”. When asked “why?” by the host, Newell simply replied “Erm, because it is”. Hard to argue there.

Although Newell has clearly fanned the flames of the console wars, he quickly moved to clarify his statement. “I don’t have a stake in that race,” said Newell. “Obviously, we do most of our development on personal computers, but of the two I would definitely go with an Xbox.”

Newell’s statement seems to be based on a purely technological assessment of the two machines, with the Xbox Series X seemingly boasting an advantage in raw power over Sony’s hardware. The PS5, though, has a much faster SSD, and promises to do some intriguing things with 3D audio and haptic feedback using the DualSense controller.

Generation game

Both Microsoft and Sony are approaching the next-generation of consoles in a very different way, too. Microsoft wants to make Xbox games as accessible to as many players as possible on a range of devices, while Sony is determined to showcase the appeal of the PS5 through exclusive games and its first-party studios.

Could Half-Life 3 be an Xbox Series X console exclusive if it eventually releases, then? Of course not, because Half-Life 3 is never coming out. And that’s something that not even Gabe Newell would argue with... probably.

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