Twitter just changed the way you can receive Direct Messages

Twitter is changing up the way you can receive Direct Messages, those private missives sent by people you may or may not follow on the service. 

From now on, if you've opted to receive DMs from anyone, messages from people you don't follow will be filtered into a section called Requests in the Messages tab. The same goes for group conversations you've been added to with users you don't follow.

Within Requests, you'll have the option to either Delete or Accept the message. No matter what, the person who sent the message won't know you've seen it until you select Accept. 

Accepting a Direct Message will move it to your Inbox, while Deleting the message, well, deletes it. Deleting does not mean someone can't ever send you a DM again, but you still have the option to block accounts or report the conversation.

Any media contained in a message won't be visible until you Accept it or select View media.

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Offering a Direct Message filter option is likely an attempt by Twitter to prevent trolls and other abusive users from filling your Inbox with messages you don't want to see. 

Of course, if you receive lots of DMs from users you don't follow, you'll have to monitor Requests to make sure messages you do want to see aren't buried, but otherwise this could be an effective method at cutting down unsavory (and worse) interactions on Twitter.

The new filter options are available on iOS and Android as well as the desktop version of Twitter and appear to be rolling out right now.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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