Try YouTube TV free for two weeks: watch shows, sports and news from 70+ channels

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Until August 14, you can try YouTube TV free for two weeks rather than the single free week that is usually offered. The offer is available to anyone in the US who hasn't sampled the streaming service before.

The limited-time deal, first spotted by Droid Life, may be an attempt to sugar the pill after YouTube raised the price of a YouTube TV subscription to $49.99 per month, to the annoyance of cable-cutters.

The price rise happened in April this year, when YouTube added nine Discovery channels to its offering: Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel and MotorTrend. These extra channels brought the total available through YouTube TV to over 70.

Watch your wallet

The extra choice might have been a welcome surprise, but the price hike was a serious sting for existing customers. Anyone who signed up before March 2018 had been paying $34.99 per month, and those who had subscribed after had been paying $39.99, but all members were pushed onto the new price plan after the May billing cycle.

Although it's much better business-wise to hang onto existing users, if YouTube has seen subscribers drift away to rival services, its sweetheart deal for new viewers might be an attempt to restore viewing figures. As The Verge notes, there are also special deals available for Verizon customers, but again, these are only available to first-time users. Anyone he's been watching for a while will be left out in the cold.

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