This thumbnail size wearable will help you keep an eye on how much sun you get

Protecting yourself from UV exposure can be difficult, and that's why L'Oreal has debuted this new device called a UV Sense at CES 2018.

The new wearable doesn't need a battery but instead just uses NFC to connect to your phone and give you further details about your UV exposure.

It's so small at 2mm thick and 9mm long that it can be worn on a fingernail, but if you'd prefer you can attach it to your sunglasses or any other item you'll likely wear when you're in the sun.

Monitoring your UV

You can take it off and then reapply the wearable too. The company says it can be reapplied for three months with the initial materials provided, but you'll be able to buy further adhesive so you can reapply it after that too.

The sensor works via NFC and is compatible with both iOS and Android handsets. It'll then provide details of your UV levels on your phone as well as tips to protect from sunlight and other details too.

You won't be able to buy this sensor anytime soon though. 

L'Oreal has said it will be on sale through dermatologists in the future but that it won't be on sale until later this year or perhaps even 2019. We don't know any details of price yet either.

James Peckham

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