This is how you can get involved in Pokemon Sun and Moon's first global event

Pokémon Sun and Moon make some of the most noticeable changes to visuals and gameplay we’ve seen in the series for a while, and now the title's developer Game Freak is launching an all new mechanic to get excited about: global missions.  

Global missions are limited-time events that issue Pokémon trainers everywhere a challenge and reward them for taking part. The first challenge? Collectively catch 100,000,000 Pokémon between now and December 13. 

Aren’t we all glad the Pokédex has expanded beyond the original 150 now?

According to The Pokémon Company, “The first global mission will be for Trainers to catch as many Pokémon as they can to reach the collective goal. 

"If everyone combines their efforts to catch 100 million Pokémon between November 29 and December 13, 2016, each participant will receive 1,000 Festival Coins as a reward.”

Players used teamwork

It’s still worth your time to take part, though, as even if the goal isn’t achieved everyone who contributes will still receive a participation prize of 100 Festival Coins. 

Not sure why you’d want Festival Coins? Well, they’re a pretty useful in-game currency which can be used for everything from purchasing more items to customizing apparel in the Festival Plaza. 

To get involved, simply head to Festival Plaza in the game by pressing X to select it. After that, walk into the central castle and use the computer to the right to select 'Game Sync'. 

Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to talk to the character beside the computer, who’ll give you the option of taking part in global missions. 

100,000,000 is a lot of Pokémon to catch, but considering that Pokémon Sun and Moon are Nintendo’s most pre-ordered games in the last five years, and are still seeing extremely strong sales, there should be enough prospective participants to make it happen. 

It might be cheesy, but there's something pleasant about the way this new feature brings the message of the importance of teamwork that's so prominent in the anime series into the game.

Besides, if you’re going to be catching ‘em all anyway, why not take part and get a little more out of it than just filling your Rotomdex?

Emma Boyle

Emma Boyle is TechRadar’s ex-Gaming Editor, and is now a content developer and freelance journalist. She has written for magazines and websites including T3, Stuff and The Independent. Emma currently works as a Content Developer in Edinburgh.