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This instant camera for kids is a cheaper way to take retro snaps

VTech KidiZoom PrintCam
(Image credit: PetaPixel)
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VTech is planning to launch the Kidizoom PrintCam, an instant camera for kids that will apparently be designed to keep printing costs down to just $0.01 per picture.

The camera, which according to Engadget will be out in the summer (so sometime between June-September), could prove to be a viable gift for children, as it addresses two very sizable barriers for kids interested in photography. 

Firstly, its size is tailor made for small hands, and secondly, the asking price is pretty agreeable, particularly when you factor in that a roll of photo paper could be considerably cheaper than existing instant cameras. The Kidizoom PrintCam itself will apparently retail at $75 (approximately £55 / AU$99) when it arrives later this year.

The Kidizoom PrintCam’s design looks impressively compact, at roughly six inches in length and two inches thick. The tactile design features a screen that lets kids preview the photos they’ve taken. There’s even a flip-out lens specifically made for selfies.

Reportedly, photos take around 30 seconds to print, and while they likely won’t be of the quality we see in the likes of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, they could still be of a reasonable quality for kids who are still too young to own a more expensive instant camera or even a smartphone.

VTech Kidizoom PrintCam

(Image credit: Engadget)

Snap happy

Playing further into the kid-friendly target audience, each snap taken can be edited on the viewing screen via directional and selection buttons. Kids can add in frames and filters to give their photos a little extra pizazz.

Parents can help out, too, as photos kids take on the Kidizoom PrintCam are transferable from the camera to a PC via USB connectivity, meaning this could be a great way for parents to introduce their kids to more advanced hardware, and maybe even how to edit photos on a PC.

We’re looking forward to testing the Kidizoom PrintCam for ourselves and seeing if it can earn a spot among our buying guide for the best cameras for kids. Look out for our full review on the Kidizoom PrintCam soon.

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