This could be the world's smallest touchscreen phone

Put off by the Pixel? Indifferent to the iPhone? Take a look at the extremely dinky Vphone S8, which claims to be the smallest touchscreen phone ever. If you own or know of a smaller one, please get in touch.

The display on the Apple Watch-sized device measures a mere 1.54 inches diagonally from corner to corner, so this is very much a phone you can operate with one hand comfortably.

Stick it in your pocket... or stick three of them in your pocket. Pop it in your bag. Fix it to your keyring. Just don't expect an amazing Netflix experience and you'll be fine. Actually, from what we can tell this is designed to accompany your main phone (via a Bluetooth link) rather than replace it.

Size does matter

You get a micro SIM port, 64MB of RAM, a capacious 128MB of storage space and a 380mAh battery with this phone, plus an FM radio and a headphone jack, which may become something of a rarity in the years to come.

There are some fitness tracker-style features to - a pedometer for counting your steps and a heart rate sensor. Perhaps it's better to think of this as a glorified smartwatch that can make calls than an actual smartphone.

If you do want to pair it with something bigger, it's apparently compatible with both iOS and Android devices. For now it only seems to be on sale in China though, so you might have to wait a while to get your fingertips on one.

Via The Verge

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