Think Google Pixel 4's price was too high? The Pixel 5 may be dramatically cheaper

Google Pixel 4
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Think the Google Pixel 4 was expensive at its $799 / £669 / AU$1,049 starting price? The Google Pixel 5 could be cheaper than that if an official Google survey is anything to go by.

The Google Pixel 5 could cost $699 (around £572 / AU$1,070) instead – and the Google Pixel 4a could be cheaper than its predecessor, too, costing $349 (around £246 / AU$535). 

Those are prices suggested for hypothetical Google Pixel phones in a company survey, which was allegedly sent to a Reddit user, who provided a screenshot of it. The survey asked which of two unnamed Pixel smartphones the receiver would choose – and though the Pixel phones were unnamed, they seemed to describe the Pixel 4a (a ‘radically helpful phone’ with a 3.5mm jack) and the Google Pixel 5 (the best flagship Google phone with best in class camera).

While the prices are by no means definite, their comparison suggests Google is looking to see whether people will choose between cheaper and more expensive Pixel phones. Will people pay extra for a Pixel 5, or would they save money by choosing the more affordable Pixel 4a? 

Survey says: the Google Pixel 4a is cheaper than the iPhone SE 2020

A $699 Google Pixel 5 would certainly undercut this year's flagships, but it won't be the brand's first phone this year. The Google Pixel 4a is expected to launch in the next few weeks, and rumors have kept us wondering how it will keep its predecessor’s low-cost advantage. 

Indeed, the Google Pixel 3a seemed like a steal at a starting price of $399 / £399 / AU$649 when it was introduced in May 2019, but with the iPhone SE 2020 released last month at an identical price, we’re very curious how the next mid-range Google phone will be competitive.

Dropping the Pixel 4a’s pricetag could make it more competitive against Apple’s new budget phone – that’s a 12% discount over the iPhone SE 2020 right off the bat. But we’ll wait and see what other features could allow Google’s mid-range handset retake the mid-range phone crown.

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