The new iPad Pros may support keyboards in portrait mode

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Here's something of interest if you're patiently waiting for the 2018 iPad Pros to break cover – a shot of an updated case uploaded to the web shows a mysterious cut-out on the back of the device, perhaps to attach a keyboard when the tablets are in portrait mode.

The hole is in a similar position to where the Home button is on the existing tablets, but it's around the back of the tablet not on the front. Apple has supported keyboards that prop up the iPad vertically in the past, but it would be something new for the iPad Pro line – if indeed the picture is genuine and the cut-out we can see is for a Smart Keyboard.

As you would expect, the iPad Pros will still support the use of keyboards in landscape orientation, and the case also shows space for a Smart Connector along the edge of the devices too, in a similar position to where it is on the latest iPad Pro tablets.

iPad Pro 3 leak

iPad Pro 3 case (Credit: SlashLeaks)

It's possible that the case space is reserved for a brand new accessory that Apple has yet to tell us about – or it's possible that someone 3D printed this to fool us all. For the time being, take this intriguing leak with a pinch of salt until we know more details.

What we do know for definite is that new iPad Pros are on the way. Apple is tipped to be bringing the iPhone X style to its iPad line this year, which means a display notch on the front, Face ID instead of Touch ID, and very thin bezels so more of the front of the device can be given over to the screens of whatever size Apple decides on.

As for a launch date, all signs point to early September, so it's likely that new iPad Pros are going to get unveiled alongside new iPhones. It could be an expensive month for anyone planning to go all-in on the latest and greatest Apple hardware for 2018.

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