Tesla looks set to launch a premium Qi wireless charger for your smartphone

Tesla Wireless Charger

Tesla is apparently set to launch a Qi-powered wireless charger to juice up your smartphone, as the product appeared on the firm’s website, although it has since been removed.

Not before the details of the product listing and images were captured by 9 to 5 Mac, mind you, and it’ll likely come as no surprise that this won’t be the cheapest wireless charging accessory in the world, with the price set at $65 (about £50, AU$90).

For that outlay, the Tesla Wireless Charger gives you an inductive charging pad with a 6000mAh battery and a 5W output when wirelessly charging. You can hook it up to your Qi compatible phone, or go for a wired connection with either the built-in USB-C cable, or use the USB-A port with your own charging cable if your device doesn’t support Type-C.

Nifty looks

The peripheral comes in either black or white, and it looks pretty nifty, but you pay for those premium aesthetics with the aforementioned $65 (about £50, AU$90) price tag.

Certainly looking at rival products, you can get a wireless charger with a bigger battery capacity for less money (and you can purchase bargain basement chargers for much less).

But for those willing to pay a bit more for the name, and the associated prestige of the brand, this could be a Tesla accessory worth forking out for. And it’s certainly cheaper than buying one of the cars

Image credit: 9 to 5 Mac

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