Virgin Media's TiVo Spotify app lands

Virgin Media's TiVo Spotify app lands
Playing music from your TV seems a bit unnecessary...

TiVo customers should see the Virgin Media Spotify app hit their set-top boxes from today, allowing that lucky Tivo-owning Spotify-Premium-subscribing breed to play music through their TVs.

The app, which will land in the apps and games section of the TiVo service, lets you stream music through your home cinema system and browse playlists, albums and artists and using the TiVo remote control.

Spotify tivo app

Virgin Media has hopped quite firmly into bed with Spotify, offering its TV and broadband customers free subscriptions to the service for 3 and 6 months respectively.


"The world of digital entertainment is continually changing," said Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media.

Spotify tivo app

"Our goal is to deliver a truly unique experience for our customers and we're really excited about bringing Spotify to our TiVo service as part of our ongoing initiatives to develop the platform further with new features, applications and content."

If you're not a Spotify fan, never fear – quite aside from the music channels available on Virgin Media, you can still browse the company's "chart-busting" library of music videos as part of the TV On Demand service.

And Virgin promises that there's plenty more to come, as it is "in discussion" with other content providers too.

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