The future of Sky 3D

And UHD obviously has some real benefits for 3D as well...

Cassy: There are very clear benefits that 4K gives 3D. The resolution is better and also it could help in glasses-free 3D because it enables that whole resolution and picture quality.

Sky 3D

Glasses-free 3d - a matter of if and not when

And have you actually seen a glasses free 3D television that impresses you?

Cassy: I have, but it's under NDA so I can't talk about it! For my mind, high quality glasses-free TV at a price that the average house can afford is a matter of when and not if. It's going to happen, it's just a question of when and the technology we see - we have as much of this as we can - is definitely coming along. It's a bit of a way off but it's coming along.

It's nice from a tech perspective to hear Sky saying it wants to continue being an innovator - how important to you think that's been to the company?

Cassy: I think it's really important. From the start when Sky launched there were four channels in the UK and one of the things did was broaden that choice out massively. So it meant you get more sport, if you wanted music channels you could and so on. Consumers wanted more choice and that was one of the first innovations we brought.

We also know that if you operate in a county where the free offering is very strong like the UK you have to make sure that if you ask people to pay, you offer something really amazing. You have to ask 'what are people looking for now, or might want tomorrow?' and introduce them in a way that people can continually afford until it's worth paying for.

A lot of major TV companies, including Sky, are banging the drum about linear television still being dominant for some time to come. Do you feel like the on-demand stuff like Sky Go Extra will start to change our viewing habits?

Cassy: This is getting out of my territory but Sky Go and Sky Go Extra have been very big for us, increasing numbers. The ability to pay for subscription and take it away from your main TV set is really really important.

Dropping back into something more familiar: 3D has been mainly a linear offering so far. Can you see more 3D content appearing on-demand?

Cassy: Yes. We have done a bit of on-demand and we are always looking to give the customers more ways to watch. So we're looking for opportunities.

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