Sky welcomes Netflix and LoveFilm competition

Sky welcoms Netflix and Lovefilm competition
Sky - backs itself

Sky reckons that it is in the driving seat when it comes to broadcasting films, believing competition from the likes of Lovefilm and the soon to be launched Netflix UK will lead to a better service.

Speaking to TechRadar, Ian Lewis – the director of Sky Movies and Sky Box Office – welcomed the arrival of new ways to watch film, and explained that it was part of the reason for the big strides being taken in how you can consume Sky Movies on different platforms.

"I think it's always been our big driver," said Lewis. "I think competition and being better than that competition has always been a big spur for us and we can't ever forget that every customer has made a decision to take Sky Movies.

"So I think it's great that other companies are coming and that will make us better as a result."

Quality not quantity

Lewis believes that quality not quantity is still vital, and that relationships built up over the years with all areas of the film industry stands Sky in good stead.

"It's vital to us that we stand out," he added. "I think we are in the driving seat – we have that quality.

"LoveFilm has more streams available but I know that I would take the library that I've got over the library they've got.

"I hope we have good relationships with our content partners be they the studios or the small indie producers, but we have to choose quality because we can't buy all of the content all of the time.

"My motivation waking up every morning is 'what are the best movies for my customers' and that's always going to be vital.

"The definition of quality is what our customers want; be it a big choice of family movies, the winner of the Palm D'Or or the latest blockbusters."

Sky on xbox

Sky Movies is now available on several key platforms via Sky Go, including iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and on the Xbox as well as PCs.

The event also saw the debut of a forthcoming Sky Movies App for iOS and a new Sky Movies website which we are assured will launch in the next couple of weeks.

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