Sky News comes to Sony Bravia Internet Video

Sky and Sony sitting in a tree
Sky and Sony sitting in a tree

Sony has announced that its Sony Bravia Internet Video service is to get its first dedicated news channel, Sky News.

Sony Bravia Internet Video is Sony's web/app portal that runs on the company's connected home entertainment devices, including Blu-ray players, Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems and Bravia TV.

The service already has VoD content, weather updates and the like, so Sky News should fit nicely with the current portfolio.

Content is king

Speaking about the Sky News link-up, Edward Uzzell, proposition development manager, Sony UK, said: "Sony is focused on providing the widest range of content on Bravia Internet Video and the partnership with Sky News allows us to deliver the news updates to viewers as it happens."

Interestingly, it's Sony and Sky who are most against the upcoming IPTV platform YouView.

With this in mind, it wouldn't be surprising if this is the first of many Sky and Sony link ups before YouView launches in 2011.

The UK release date of the Sky News portal on Bravia Internet Video is still yet to be announced.

Marc Chacksfield

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