Sky is 'fit and proper' to run a TV service, according to Ofcom

Sky is 'fit and proper' to run a TV service, according to Ofcom
Sky's fit and it knows it

Ofcom has given BSkyB the greenlight to continue as a broadcaster, after finding it 'fit and proper' to hold a broadcasting license.

It seems that Ofcom has decided that the goings-on at major shareholder News International didn't sully what BSkyB was doing in the broadcasting sphere, so it should continue as it is.

"There is no evidence that Sky was directly or indirectly involved in any of the wrongdoing either admitted or alleged to have taken place at News of the World ("NOTW") or The Sun," noted Ofcom.

"Sky has admitted to some instances of email hacking in two cases unrelated to the cases alleged to have taken place at NGN. Ofcom is currently considering these issues under the Broadcasting Code."

Failure to initiate action

Ofcom does suggest that it may change its mind if any evidence that comes from the Leveson Inquiry is detrimental to Sky performing its duty as a broadcaster.

Ofcom wasn't so forgiving about ex-BSkyB chairman James Murdoch, explaining: "We consider James Murdoch's conduct, including his failure to initiate action on his own account on a number of occasions, to be both difficult to comprehend and ill-judged.

"James Murdoch's conduct in relation to events at NGN [News Group Newspapers, the News Corp subsidiary which published the News of the World] repeatedly fell short of the exercise of responsibility to be expected of him as CEO and chairman."

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