Sharp Quattron TVs get added 3D sheen

Sharp adds 3D to Quattron range
Sharp adds 3D to Quattron range

Sharp may have already added a fourth colour to its television sets (it's yellow in case you wondered) but it is now looking to 3D, with its latest LV range of Quattron TVs.

Unveiled in Japan, the LV series comprises: 40, 46, 52 and 56-inch sizes and are a mere 3.9mm thick. This is because Sharp is employing LED backlight technology.

The 3D tech used will be paired with AN-3DG10 glasses that are said to cost around £75 a pop.

Although Samsung and the like are boasting about their 2D to 3D conversion, Sharp is noting that you will be able to down convert 3D to 2D – we're expecting this is for days when you just want to give your eyes a rest.

Other features include USB video recording and Wi-Fi capabilities, both of which were missing from Sharp's current Quatron line-up.

Sharp bucked the AV trend this year by eschewing 3D in favour of its fourth colour technology.

UK release date?

As advertising for this has only just started in the UK, don't expect this 3D-ready Quattron series to come to our shores anytime soon. But it is expected that the series will launch globally eventually.

To complement its 3D telly range, Sharp also announced the arrival of the Aquos BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70 3D Blu-ray players.

These also seem to double up as hard-disk recorders with up to 2TB of storage available on the devices.


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